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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#37 Simulation dependent on PyWavelets flip defect critical other
#1 SVN should be limited to HTTPS access flip defect major subversion
#2 List of Subversion repositories is hardcoded flip task major trac
#3 Things to do on the new server flip task major component1
#5 Licenses missing from code flip defect major component1
#6 Need to work with matplotlib 0.99 flip defect major component1
#8 lacks metadata, README is empty defect major install
#11 In Simulaion, Metabolite picker under visualize tab renders incorrectly in OS X defect major common
#13 vespa/README has no content defect major common
#16 Installation can create unwriteable matplotlib config dir flip defect major install
#20 constrained_levenberg_marquardt error handling is broken bsoher defect major libduke_mr
#23 - create desktop icon fails when run via `su -c` flip defect major install
#26 matplotlib backend already chosen due to import order sensitivity defect major common
#30 Results under OS X & Linux differ from "known good" flip defect major hlsvd
#31 First run of a Vespa app fails on Ubuntu 10.x w/Python 2.6 defect major common
#32 HLSVD 'failure to converge' goes undetected flip defect major hlsvd
#38 HLSVD crashes for certain data points values flip defect major hlsvd
#39 Windows: Vespa database written to roaming data directory flip defect major other
#40 Vespa 0.3.2 tag in SVN incorrect flip defect major subversion
#4 Create a macro of inter-wiki links. philip@… enhancement minor trac
#7 needs metadata bsoher defect minor install
#17 management window list returns to first item after hitting a button flip defect minor common
#19 causes deprecation warning w/matplotlib 0.99 defect minor common
#21 PyDicom installation fails w/o unfettered Net access flip defect minor documentation
#25 Simulation: Experiment visualize tab output to PNG fails under OS X defect minor common
#34 Float Spin Control does not honor range limits set in WXGlade, and range limits cannot be changed defect minor common
#35 Calls to ElementTree.Element.__nonzero__() raise FutureWarning flip defect minor common
#41 Upgrading database from version 1 fails flip defect minor other
#44 Windows: print may raise an exception under pythonw.exe flip defect minor other
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