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Welcome to VeSPA Simulation

Vespa-Simulation is a graphical control and visualization program written in the Python programming language that provides a user friendly front end to the GAMMA/PyGAMMA NMR simulation library. The interface allows users to:

  1. Create and run a simulated Experiment (consisting of one or more spectral simulations) from lists of metabolites and pulse sequences.
  2. Store simulated Experiment results in a database.
  3. Display the results in a flexible plotting/graphing tool.
  4. Output results in xml, text or graphical formats to share with other users
  5. Design/test PyGAMMA pulse sequences for use in Simulation Experiments.

There are a number of predefined pulse sequences in the Vespa-Simulation environment. The database also contains extensive prior information (chemical shift and J-coupling) for many MR visible compounds.

Documentation and Resources

Design Notes

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