RFPulse Object and DB Design

Object Design

The main object in the RFPulse program is a PulseProject.

A PulseProject starts with the Basic information about the user and the project (name, creation date, etc).

In addition PulseProjects also contains machine specific settings, and a few "master parameters".

Finally, they contain a list of Transformations that describe the creation of the pulse, and all the changes that it is put through. The complete set of available transformations can be seen in the TransformationTypes object in the file, currently in the rfpulse/src directory.

Each transformation contains a set of input parameters - that is specific to the type of transformation - and a set of results.

The result of each transformation is a an RFPulse object, a frequency profile (FreqProfile) object, and possibly a Gradient object.

This is the general format for the program, and the best way to see the details is look at code (at least at this point).

DB Design

The database was designed using the tool at this website:

One can load in a file called sql_xml.txt (currently located in rfpulse/src/db) into this website and view the current state of the database.

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