Acknowledgements for the RFPulse Application

This is a short, and likely incomplete, list of contributions and inspirations that helped in the development of a solid RFPulse application. Along the way, we've given a nod towards a bit of history.

  • First and foremost a huge thank you to the original developers for the Vespa package, Philip Semanchuk, David Todd, Karl Young (and I guess me, Brian Soher) for the hard work and dedication to see this thing fly. In particular, kudos to David for spearheading the conversion of the the MatPulse GUI/algorithms and Karl for his help in algorithm adaptation and extension. Without the never-ending work these guys did, this application would be far less than it is today.
  • Also a solid nod towards the National Institutes of Health for funding this through grant number 1R01EB008387-01A1.

Now for a little history and thank-yous! The original program that inspired this work was:

  • MatPulse - a solo masterpiece by Jerry Matson as part of his long and distinguished career at UC San Francico. This platform is a tool for producing optimized RF pulses for use in a variety of magnetic resonance investigations. Much of the work on this program has been 'cumulative' across the years. As part of its inclusion in the Vespa-RFPulse application, Dr. Matson has extensively consulted with us on which parts are most important, and in what order we should incorporate them.
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