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Custom Controls and wxGlade

wxGlade is capable of integrating custom controls. In this context, "custom" means "anything that wxGlade doesn't know about by default". For instance, everything in the wxPython Advanced Generic Widgets module is a custom control as far as wxGlade is concerned, despite the fact that it's a standard part of wxPython.

For Vespa Developers

You'll need to tell wxGlade where our custom controls reside. Start wxGlade and open the preferences. On the "Other" tab, near the bottom you'll find a textbox for "Local widget path". In that textbox, enter the path to the widgets directory under vespa/common/wx, e.g. /home/me/w/vespa/common/wx/widgets.

In General

wxGlade's documentation is pretty quiet on the subject of custom controls. Fortunately, there's a decent tutorial which helped me when I created the common.wx library. That tutorial is attached to this page; there might be an updated version at the original author's site.

I could not have created our vespa.common.wx library without the additional help of Kevin Dahlhausen's blog posting which, luckily for us, was about using the floatspin control as a custom control. Note that the code that Kevin offers is a little broken; I think it worked with an older version of wxPython or wxGlade (note that the blog posting is from 2006). The code in vespa.common.wx is very close to his code, but I made some changes. I sent him my patches but as of this writing he hasn't posted the patched code.

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