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Welcome to the VeSPA Project

VeSPA stands for Versatile Simulation Pulses and Analysis. The environment contains three magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) software applications called RFPulse, Simulation and Analysis. These are applications for MR RF pulse design, MR spectral simulation, and spectral processing and analysis of MR data.

What is VeSPA (Longer Version) ?

The Vespa package extends the maintenance and development of three previously developed magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) software tools by migrating them into an integrated, open source, open development platform. Vespa stands for Versatile Simulation Pulses and Analysis.

Vespa consists of three combined applications called RFPulse, Simulation and Analysis that were migrated from three previous standalone applications:

  • RFPulse <-> MatPulse - software for RF pulse design written in Matlab
  • Simulation <-> GAVA/Gamma - software for spectral simulation written in IDL
  • Analysis <-> IDL_Vespa - a package for spectral data processing and analysis written in IDL

The new Vespa project addresses previous software limitations, including: non-standard data access, closed source multiple language software that complicatee algorithm extension and comparison, lack of integration between programs for sharing prior information, and incomplete or missing d ocumentation and educational content.

These applications can be run separately but can communicate among themselves via a shared database of objects/results. One example of inter- application sharing might be that Simulation would make use of an RF pulse designed in RFPulse application to create a more realistic MR simulation.

NIH grant number 1R01EB008387-01A1 funded the maintenance and extension of these separate applications into a combined environment based entirely on the Python language.


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