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Upgrading to Version 0.1.6

Vespa version 0.1.6 adds a dependency on a Python package called multiprocessing. That's included in Python 2.6 and above, but not in 2.5. If your version of Python doesn't provide multiprocessing, you'll need to add it.

The easiest way to figure out whether or not multiprocessing is already installed is to install Vespa. If multiprocessing is missing, you'll get a message like this --

Sorry, the installation can't begin because the following dependencies are unmet:
 - multiprocessing: the required version is >= 0.0.0; it is not installed.

The install will stop there. There's no harm done; just install multiprocessing and then re-run the Vespa install.

Installing multiprocessing

Windows users should download this multiprocessing executable and double click on it to install.

Linux users, check to see if your package manager provides multiprocessing. If not, follow the instructions for OS X.

OS X users, download this multiprocessing tarball and follow the [OsxInstallCommandLine instructions for installing a package from the command line].