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A Special Note for Using wxGlade under Windows

wxGlade can be installed from source or via a setup.exe. The latter is the default option if one visits the sourceforge download page while using Windows. Once you've installed from EXE, you can run wxGlade by double clicking on a desktop icon that the installer creates for you.

Don't use the EXE version. This version has Python and wxPython "baked in" and it uses old versions of them. Specifically, wxGlade 0.6.3 uses Python 2.3.5 and wxPython Both of these fall short of our minimum versions (2.5.0 and 2.8.8 respectively).

More to the point, if any of our custom controls use Python features not present in 2.3.5, they'll silently fail to load.

Installing wxGlade from Source

To install wxGlade from source, first download the .zip file, unzip, and run the following command at a command prompt:

python install 

For me, that created the directory C:\Program Files\wxglade, and I run wxglade by starting a command prompt and typing the following:

python "c:\Program Files\wxglade\"

Since I'm lazy and don't want to type this, I created a batch file to encapsulate this command. Here's the contents of wxglade.bat on my system:

python "c:\program files\wxglade\"  %1

The batch file (which is in my PATH) allows me to type this to open a wxGlade data file:

wxglade whatever.wxg

If you prefer a Desktop shortcut that you can double click, create one and set the target to this:

C:\Python25\python.exe "c:\program files\wxglade\"

That will start a DOS prompt which launches the wxGlade GUI. If you don't like seeing the DOS prompt and all of the startup messages (which are vital for debugging problems with custom controls but uninteresting otherwise), change "python.exe" in the target above to "pythonw.exe".