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Motivation for the VeSPA Project


VeSPA was born out the combination of three applications called RFPulse, Simulation and Analysis that were migrated from three previous standalone applications:

  • RFPulse <-> MatPulse - software for RF pulse design written in Matlab
  • Simulation <-> GAVA/Gamma - software for spectral simulation written in IDL
  • Analysis <-> IDL_Vespa - a package for spectral data processing and analysis written in IDL


Some limitations of the previous MRS tools:

  • Non-standard data access
  • Complexities of integrating multiple languages
  • Closed-source software that complicates algorithm extension and free sharing
  • Lack of integration between programs for sharing prior information
  • Incomplete or missing documentation and educational content


The new VeSPA project addresses these limitations as follows:

  • Create a free, liberally-licences (BSD) open source MRS toolset
  • Build it on top of the Python language with it's vast library of integration tools
  • Make sure there are straight forward ways for user community expansion
  • Have results saved into a free SQL database (Sqlite) which can be searched and queried
  • Enable the export of pulse sequences, experiments, rfpulses, etc. into an XML format that other Vespa users can then Import into their own local Vespa platforms