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     1= Advanced Install =
     3These instructions for installing Vespa are for users who are
     4comfortable using the command line and finding and installing
     5Python packages.
     7== Install Python ==
     9Vespa will work with any 64-bit Python 2.7. Some possible sources for
     10Python are [] (of course!),
     11[ Continuum Miniconda],
     12[ Continuum Anaconda],
     13or, if you're on Linux, the Python from your package manager.
     15Vespa's dependencies are listed in the file
     16[source:/trunk/vespa/requirements.txt vespa/requirements.txt]. If you're
     17familiar with `pip`, please note that it's '''not''' possible to use this
     18requirements file with pip's `-r` option because not all of Vespa's
     19dependencies are pip-friendly.
     21== Check Your Python ==
     23Download [export:/trunk/] and
     24run it with this command --
     26python 1
     29It will tell you whether or not Vespa is compatible with your Python.
     31== Upgrade pip ==
     33Ensure you're running the latest version of pip. (Older versions of pip
     34have trouble with some of the steps in this guide.)
     37python -m pip install --upgrade pip
     40== Install Vespa's Easy Dependencies ==
     42These packages are easy to install with pip on all the platforms
     43Vespa supports --
     45pip install packaging pydicom==0.9.9 pygamma hlsvdpro vespa-suite
     48== Install Numpy, Scipy, and Matplotlib ==
     50Under '''OS X and Linux''', you can install Numpy, Scipy, and matplotlib via `pip` (on OS X) and the
     51package manager (on Linux).
     53On '''Windows''', we suggest installing Numpy and Scipy from the
     54[ wheels provided by Christoph Gohlke].
     55Once Numpy and Scipy are installed, you can `pip install matplotlib`.
     57== Install PyWavelets ==
     59Under '''Windows''', you can install this with `pip install pywavelets==0.3.0`.
     61Under '''Linux''', get it from your package manager.
     63Under '''OS X''', use the
     64[ PyWavelets 0.3.0 wheel that we provide].
     66== Install wxPython ==
     68Under '''Linux''', get wxPython 3 if your package manager offers it, or
     69wxPython 2.8 otherwise. It might be under a name like 'python-wxgtk'.
     71Under '''Windows and OS X''', install wxPython 3 from one of the packages
     72provided on [].
     74== Install FFTW3 (Linux Only) ==
     76'''Linux''' users, use your package manager to install the FFTW3 runtime
     77library. Look for it under a name like `libfftw3` or just `fftw`.
     80== Finish the Vespa Install ==
     82Run this command --
     84python -m vespa.check_dependencies
     87If that goes OK, run this command --
     89python -m vespa.create_shortcuts