Aug 12, 2010:

6:10 PM Ticket #13 (vespa/README has no content) created by flip
The file vespa/README exists, but has no content. It needs a short …

Aug 6, 2010:

11:12 AM Ticket #12 (setup.py should check for module.version as a function) created by flip
During a dependency check, setup.py examines various attributes of the …

Aug 3, 2010:

5:20 PM Ticket #11 (In Simulaion, Metabolite picker under visualize tab renders ...) created by kyoung
Using Simulation (Vespa revision 1206) I found it impossible to pick a …

Jul 29, 2010:

9:46 AM Ticket #10 (libduke_mr/minf_parabolic_info.py unit test results differ depending ...) created by flip
The unit test for minf_parabolic_info.py which returns wildly …
9:45 AM Ticket #9 (libduke_mr/splines splinefix unit test doesn't give the correct result) created by flip
The spline fix unit test returns consistent results on OS X, Linux and …

Jul 28, 2010:

4:04 PM WikiStart edited by flip
9:44 AM WikiStart edited by flip
9:43 AM VespaDataDirectory created by flip
9:32 AM WikiStart edited by flip

Jul 26, 2010:

7:23 PM LinuxBinaryCompatibility edited by dtodd
7:16 PM LinuxBinaryCompatibility edited by dtodd
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