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Vespa doesn't limit control height in grid sizers

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This is a bug that only showed up under wx2.9, although it has the potential to appear in wx2.8. Actually, it might be happening right now under wx2.8 but the effect is small so we don't notice. The first symptom that altered me to this bug was opening the RFPulse optimal control window under wx2.9 and seeing a warning message from OS X appear in the console window. (Details below.)

I thought at first that it was a bug specific to wx2.9 under OS X, but I was wrong. I filed a ticket against wx. The ticket was turned into an enhancement request. You can read it here:

The short version is that a control with wx.EXPAND that lives in a grid sizer will expand both horizontally (OK) and vertically (not OK for e.g. comboboxes). Whether or not it will expand vertically depends on the control type, wx version and platform. Specifics here:

The solution is to add a horizontal box sizer to each grid cell and put the cell's control inside the box sizer.

This concept is straightforward but it is a lot of work and it potentially affects every grid sizer we have in Vespa.

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