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Under GTK, plot panel consumes high CPU even when idle

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Under Ubuntu & Fedora (both using wxPython but also seen in earlier
versions of wx), whenever a plot panel is visible (e.g. Simulation visualize
tab, rfpulse tranformations), I see high CPU use (>75%) as reported by top. Some
debugging shows that the plot panel is being sent approx 12-15 EVT_SIZE events
every second, each followed by an EVT_IDLE during which the plot panel actually
responds to the size change.

I don't see this under OS X or Windows.

The culprit seems to be this line in PlotPanel._set_size():

self.canvas.SetSize( pixels )

When I comment that out, the problem goes away. I don't know enough about
matplotlib to speculate what's going on there.

To debug, I added this to PlotPanel._on_size():

import time
size = event.GetSize()
print "_on_size @ %f, size = (%d, %d)" % (time.time(), size.x, size.y)

Sometimes the size wobbles by one pixel, e.g. from (200, 353) to (200, 352) and
back again. In this case it's no wonder that this eats up the CPU -- a size
event is sent and the plot panel responds by changing its size by one pixel
which generates another size event. But at other times I see the same size
reported over and over and I can't figure out why setting the panel to its
current size would generate another size event.

I'm able to short-circuit this problem by adding this to PlotPanel._set_size():

self._last_size = pixels

Then in _on_size() I ignore the size event if the new size suggested by the
event only differs from self._last_size by <= 1 pixel. This stops the flood of
size events without having any negative effect (that I can see) on behavior.

IMO my fix is a hack because it fixes the symptom (high CPU use) without curing
the disease (spurious size events). A proper solution would not have to resort
to ignore events. I'll commit my fix but leave this ticket open to track the
fact that this problem isn't really fixed.

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