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GTK - floatspin control down button fires button up event

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Under GTK, floatspin (and floatspin multiplier) controls are buggy.

Our floatspin controls consist of a textbox and a wx.SpinButton side by side. If the first click on the wx.SpinButton portion is on the down arrow of the spin button, wx sends a wx.EVT_SPIN_UP event which triggers the event associated with the up button. Subsequent clicks are mostly OK, but I'll swear I've seen a wx.EVT_SPIN_UP once in a while when I click the down button.

Naturally, this makes the floatspins behave badly -- the user clicks on the down button but the floatspin behaves as if the up button were clicked.

I used the inspection tool's event viewer to verify that wx.EVT_SPIN_UP is being sent when the down button is clicked.

Stranger still is that fact that a wx.SpinButton alone doesn't exhibit this behavior, so I guess it's something specific to the floatspin code that makes this happen, but I can't figure out what it is.

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