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#23 closed defect (fixed) - create desktop icon fails when run via `su -c`

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Under the Linuxes I've tried (Ubuntu & Fedora), the directory where Python modules are installed (e.g. site-packages) requires privileged write access. As a result, when one installs Vespa on one of these systems, one must run python install as a privileged user.

Under Ubuntu, the idiom for running a command as root is to preface it with sudo.

Under Fedora, one typically uses su -c, such as:
su -c "python install"

Both get the job done as far as writing to site-packages. However the latter doesn't set the SUDO_USER environment variable. relies on that environment variable to determine if it should create the desktop launcher somewhere other than $HOME/Desktop. When run under su -c, attempts to create the launcher in /root/Desktop/ which doesn't exist, and the command fails.

Offhand, I can't think of a workaround for this other than to wrap the creation of the launcher in a try/except and put instructions on the Wiki for creating a Desktop launcher manually.

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Fixed in r1697.

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