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#9 libduke_mr/splines splinefix unit test doesn't give the correct result libduke_mr defect new 07/29/10
#10 libduke_mr/minf_parabolic_info.py unit test results differ depending on platform libduke_mr defect new 07/29/10
#12 setup.py should check for module.version as a function install enhancement flip new 08/06/10
#14 Apps have default (?) icon under Linux, OS X; alt+tab is not helpful common enhancement new 09/15/10
#15 PyWavelets dependency difficult to satisfy install defect new 09/16/10
#18 We should consider making objects 100% read-only once they're public common task new 11/05/10
#22 Enter on Simulation management dialogs list sometimes misbevhaves common defect flip new 12/28/10
#24 Empty/zero results generates matplotlib warning "Attempting to set identical bottom==top results" common defect bsoher new 01/20/11
#27 GTK - floatspin control down button fires button up event common defect new 03/02/11
#28 Under GTK, plot panel consumes high CPU even when idle common defect bsoher new 03/25/11
#29 Ineffective/unuseable menu items should be grayed out common enhancement new 03/31/11
#33 Remove unnecessary "0"s from our float spin-controls common enhancement new 09/20/11
#42 Vespa doesn't limit control height in grid sizers other defect new 07/31/12
#43 shift_correlation_function() raises numpy warning other defect bsoher new 08/03/12
#45 Calls to numpy.exp() result in under/overflow other defect new 09/28/12
#46 wx.Floatspin value update differs from wx.SpinCtrl common defect new 12/20/12
#47 Bug in JPRESS Ideal binning code other defect new 01/22/16
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