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Welcome to the GAMMA Library

GAMMA is a software package used to facilitate construction of programs that simulate magnetic resonance phenomena

This site is a collaboration of Karl Young at UCSF and Brian Soher at Duke. It's creation is supported by a grant from the NIH.

For now, additional information about gamma can also be retrieved from the following sites:

For more information about NMR on the web:

Gamma - Updates and Changes

Code Changes - To get gamma to compile on gcc 4.3.3 (on ubuntu 9.04), windows XP, visual studio 2008 express, and Mac OSX (gcc 4.0.1).

Swig Issues (and working code). Found while getting environment setup and testing the basic functionality of SWIG. While using gcc 4.3.3/Ubuntu 9.04/Swig 1.3.9/python2.5 and 2.6

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