GAMMA/PyGamma Technical Documentation

This page is a collection of various technical documents about GAMMA and PyGamma. Some of it is for GAMMA's maintainers, some is for those who might like to change or extend GAMMA, and some is general troublehsooting information.

For GAMMA/PyGamma Developers

For GAMMA/PyGamma Release Managers

Issues With PyGamma

SWIG, and Garbage Collection

While PyGamma mostly behaves as happy normal Python, there are a few instances where this is not true. In those cases, a little bit of care must be taken to write code that does not have unpredictable behavior.

The reasons for this include the fact that Python has reference counting and garbage collection and C++ does not. And while SWIG (the tool used to create PyGamma from GAMMA) has some support for keeping track of object ownership, it is not complete (for good reasons) - and in some cases there are ambiguities as to what it should do. In addition, C++ has copy semantics and Python has pointer semantics.

So, code that worked fine in C++ may *not* work properly if you simply copy the code, and change it's syntax to that of Python. And code written using Python semantics may, in certain circumstances, not perform as expected.

If you accidentally invoke one of these cases, your code will cause a segfault (segmentation fault), or other serious and/or strange errors during execution.

Details of this Issue and Work-arounds.

Unicode Strings

Be aware that PyGamma can't accept Python's Unicode strings.


  • GammaVsSpin - GAMMA Performance as a function of the number of spins in the metabolite being studied.

Historical Notes

We (the Vespa team) took over maintenance of a dormant GAMMA late in 2009. It had probably been about six years since GAMMA was actively advanced, and it took us some time to get GAMMA to compile with modern compilers. We also added the SWIG interface, which is entirely new.

These documents contain some notes from that time when we were working on releasing our first version which was GAMMA 4.2.0.

  • CodeChangesToCompile - Changes we made to get GAMMA to compile on gcc 4.3.3 (on Ubuntu 9.04), Visual Studio 2008 Express (Windows XP), and gcc 4.0.1 (Mac OSX).
  • GammaSwigIssues - Found while getting environment setup and testing the basic functionality of SWIG. While using gcc 4.3.3/Ubuntu 9.04/Swig 1.3.9/python2.5 and 2.6
  • GammaSwigImplementation - Swig Implementation notes, including organization of code, some (potentially remaining) issues, and Makefile and visual-studio modifications.
  • CodeCleanup - Code Cleanup Notes. Those who were familiar with the old version of GAMMA might be interested in some of the files we got rid of.
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