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How To Build PyGamma Wheels for Windows

This document describes how to build PyGamma wheels for Windows.


This document assumes you are building a 64-bit PyGamma, although the build procedure is the same for both 32- and 64-bit.


  1. Install MS Visual Studio 2008 Professional version.
  2. Ensure a modern 64-bit Python is in your path.
  3. pip install wheel

Note that the free MS VS 2008 Express cannot create 64-bit executables.

Build PyGamma

  1. Get the GAMMA source code via SVN.
  2. Via Windows Explorer, open gamma/platforms/msvc2008e/dynamic/gamma.sln
  3. Set the build type to 'Release' (not debug) and the platform to 'x64'.
  4. From the Build menu, select 'Rebuild Solution'.
  5. python bdist_wheel