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How to Use Contributions

Each contribution has at least one Vespa import/export file associated with it. Vespa uses XML for its import/export format, so the names of these files usually end in ".xml" (or sometimes ".xml.gz").

The instructions below assume you've downloaded that file to your Desktop and named it contributions.xml (but you can call it anything you like).

Experiments, Pulse Sequences, Metabolites and Pulse Projects

  1. To use a contributed pulse project, start RFPulse. For everything else, start Simulation.
  2. From the menu, select the appropriate menu item under the "Management" menu. Vespa will open the management dialog for that object type.
  3. Click the "Import..." button. Vespa will open the file selection dialog.
  4. Select contributions.xml from your Desktop (or wherever your downloaded it).
  5. Click OK. Vespa will import whatever it can find in the file and will let you know how many items it imported.
  6. You can review the import log if you like, but it's not essential.

For more information, see the section entitled "Management Dialogs" in the RFPulse user manual or the Simulation user manual.