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Vespa Community Contribution

Pulse Sequence MEGA-PRESS_localized_contribution

By Brian J. Soher

Duke Uiversity Medical Center


This is a PyGAMMA implementation of the Siemens MEGA-PRESS sequence called svs_edit.


This simulation creates a 2D spatial matrix to simulate the effects of localization pulses in two dimensions on edited metabolites. The XML file contains both the Vespa-Simulation pulse sequence and the Vespa-RFPulse pulses needed to perform this spectral simulation. This pulse sequence will calculate the On and Off states for the selected metabolites using Loop1 which is labelled as "Edit State". As such, this loop should start at 0 and have 2 steps of size 1. Any other settings and the sequence will not work correctly. After creating an Experiment in Vespa-Simulation using this sequence, you can then create the Add/Subtract states for each metabolite using the utility under the "Experiment->Derivations->Calculate Add/Sub Tab in New" menu item. This feature is only available in Vespa version 0.8.0 or later.

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