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Welcome to Vespa Analysis

Vespa-Analysis is an application written in the Python programming language that allows users to interactively read, process and analyze MR spectroscopic data. It's part of the free, open source Vespa suite. Vespa-Analysis allows users to:

  1. Read one or more single voxel data files from various standard formats.
  2. Perform typical spectral Fourier processing and HLSVD filtering steps.
  3. Apply iterative time domain frequency domain metabolite and baseline models based on Vespa-Simulation prior information to fit MRS data and estimate metabolite signal areas.
  4. Observe graphically the results of processing steps ‘on the fly’.
  5. Store processed results and processing settings into a human readable XML format.
  6. Do side-by-side comparison of results from two or more data sets.

Documentation and Resources

Design Notes

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