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PyWavelets and Vespa

PyWavelets is a Python package that performs discrete wavelet transform. Vespa-Analysis can use it for baseline estimation during fitting.

Unlike most of Vespa's dependencies, PyWavelets is optional. In other words, you're not required to install it before installing Vespa. If it's not installed, Vespa will still run, although Analysis won't allow you to use the wavelet filter for baseline estimation during fitting. Once PyWavelets is installed, Analysis will automatically find it and make it available to you.

PyWavelets is available as a pre-built binary for Python on Windows, Linux and OS X. We provide details on where to get it for each platform below.


PyWavelets' author provides prebuilt Windows binaries on PyPI.


As of this writing (early 2012), PyWavelets is available via the package manager of most Linux distributions, including Ubuntu ≥ 8.04, Fedora ≥ 14 (or possibly earlier), RHEL ≥ 6, and OpenSUSE ≥ 11.

Check your package manager for pywt or PyWavelets.


We created our own PyWavelets distribution for OS X. 3rd party package managers like homebrew might also provide PyWavelets.