Sep 9, 2009:

1:52 PM Ticket #16 (spectral processing options zero fill multiplier should be a dropdown) created by flip
After a discussion with Brian, we decided that the zero fill …
11:32 AM Ticket #15 (default values of spectral processing options hardcoded in wxglade) created by flip
The values that appear by default in the controls in the spectral …

Sep 8, 2009:

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Sep 4, 2009:

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Sep 1, 2009:

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Aug 27, 2009:

1:59 PM Ticket #14 (opening file from menu doesn't update filebar) created by flip
When I open a file from the menu, the filebar should display the path …

Aug 26, 2009:

9:14 PM Ticket #13 (Applying ECC results differ from Vespa) created by flip
When I apply ECC, the spectral data changes a bit, but the changes in …

Aug 14, 2009:

5:24 PM Ticket #12 (Synchronization of processing options doesn't match Vespa) created by flip
Vespa's behavior is summarized in …
1:53 PM Ticket #11 (idea: get rid of the lock 1/2 option in processing mode) created by flip
As detailed in SynchronizationOfProcessingOptions?, the lock 1/2 …
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Aug 12, 2009:

2:49 PM Ticket #10 (Textbox ignored when user leaves field) created by flip
Pyvespa only registers textbox input when I hit enter in the textbox. …
2:46 PM Ticket #9 (Not enough feedback for out-of-range options) created by flip
If I enter an out-of-range value such as 1000 for apodization width, …

Aug 11, 2009:

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