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ValueError from PyWavelets

Reported by: flip Owned by: bsoher
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I get a ValueError from PyWavelets when I do the following in a fresh start of Analysis:

  1. import press20_montecarlo_voxel4_noise.xml
  2. add voigt tab
  3. fit the spectrum

I see the same error on Windows, OS X and Linux. Traceback below.

I'm running non-standard/unusual versions of just about everything:
64-bit Python 2.7.11
wxPython 3.0.x
numpy 1.10.2
scipy 0.16.0
matplotlib 1.5.0
pyWavelets 0.4.0

  File "/home/me/src/vespa/analysis/src/", line 1547, in on_fit_spectrum

  File "/home/me/src/vespa/analysis/src/", line 1631, in process_and_plot

  File "/home/me/src/vespa/analysis/src/", line 1653, in process

  File "/home/me/src/vespa/analysis/src/", line 368, in run

  File "/home/me/src/vespa/analysis/src/functors/", line 115, in algorithm
    baser = wavelet_filter.wavelet_filter(basr, thresh, scale, dyadmin=dyadmin)

  File "/home/me/src/vespa/analysis/src/", line 291, in wavelet_filter
    result, coefs, filts, levels = wavelet_filter_pywt_new(data, thresh, scale, dyadmin)

  File "/home/me/src/vespa/analysis/src/", line 173, in wavelet_filter_pywt_new
    coeffs2 = pywt.wavedec(data, wavelet, _mode, base_level)

  File "/home/me/anaconda2/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pywt/", line 83, in wavedec
    level = _check_level(min(data.shape), wavelet.dec_len, level)

  File "/home/me/anaconda2/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pywt/", line 37, in _check_level
    level, max_level))

ValueError: Level value of 11 is too high.  Maximum allowed is 6.

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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by bsoher

I followed the instructions above and did NOT get any errors with my existing 32bit Analysis install. However this has all my latest changes in it. Though none of them were specifically to the baseline or wavelet filter routines. I will check this again when I get a 64 bit environment going.

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