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#31 shiftopt.ShiftOptFunc2() discards imaginary part of complex array processing defect bsoher new Aug 3, 2011
#52 ValueError from PyWavelets fitting defect bsoher new Jan 22, 2016
#47 Changing Basic tab view/x-axis to Hz "clears" plot processing enhancement bsoher new May 22, 2012
#39 Repaint problem under OS X when loading presets general/unknown defect flip new Feb 23, 2012
#45 Code to determine DICOM dimensionality is probably incorrect general/unknown defect new Apr 4, 2012
#48 Hidden plot raises ValueError general/unknown defect flip new May 25, 2012
#50 spectral tab: changing View/Plot C Function causes plot C to appear processing defect bsoher new Jul 19, 2012
#32 MrsPrior.calculate_full_basis_set() could benefit from memoization fitting enhancement new Jan 6, 2012
#33 ECC filters should be enumerated dynamically processing enhancement new Jan 31, 2012
#44 Analysis should consider automatically compressing SI VIFF files general/unknown enhancement new Mar 30, 2012
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