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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1 View menu options are out of synch with reality flip defect major general/unknown
#2 View menu options are out of synch with defaults flip defect major general/unknown
#3 loading a file with FFT off does horrible things flip defect major processing
#4 showing zero line without data loaded shows zero line in the wrong place flip defect major processing
#5 zero line doesn't extend all the way across the plot flip defect major processing
#6 view header info should display in the default text editor enhancement major general/unknown
#7 View header info shows only first file enhancement major general/unknown
#8 Graphical output options are too limited enhancement major general/unknown
#9 Not enough feedback for out-of-range options flip defect major general/unknown
#10 Textbox ignored when user leaves field flip defect major general/unknown
#12 Synchronization of processing options doesn't match Vespa flip defect major processing
#15 default values of spectral processing options hardcoded in wxglade flip defect major processing
#16 spectral processing options zero fill multiplier should be a dropdown flip enhancement major processing
#17 Spectral/spatial processing options tool can't be re-opened after closing flip defect major processing
#20 spectral processing options water extrap. should sometimes be disabled flip defect major processing
#21 Analysis doesn't use standard spin controls defect major general/unknown
#24 Menu accelerator for File/Exit is Ctrl + Q under GTK flip defect major general/unknown
#26 File names/directories out of sync with Simulation flip defect major general/unknown
#27 Fitting mode "Save Presets" raises AttributeError bsoher defect major fitting
#28 HLSVD filter raises error defect major processing
#37 Non-default zerofill not applied to new datasets bsoher defect major processing
#38 Non-default zerofill specified in presets not applied correctly bsoher defect major processing
#40 HLSVD GUI doesn't account for algorithmic limitation for # of data points defect major svd
#46 Lowess baseline estimate raises FloatingPointError bsoher defect major fitting
#51 win7: can't find libfftw3-3.dll flip defect major svd
#18 idea: Split spectral/spatial options flip enhancement minor processing
#19 idea: File and Location tool should be closeable flip enhancement minor processing
#30 Unused files related to preferences bsoher defect minor general/unknown
#34 list of prior metabs in voigt can exceed screen size defect minor fitting
#35 Voigt summed data option disabled defect minor fitting
#41 Prior Metabs tab needs a scrolled panel defect minor fitting
#43 OS X - data points slider keyboard navigation broken defect minor svd
#53 wxPython error w/Analysis defect minor fitting
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