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#19 fixed idea: File and Location tool should be closeable flip flip

The file and location tool can't be closed. I don't see why we are sure that users will want to have it open all the time, esp. for single voxel data. It wouldn't be much trouble for us to make it closeable like similar tools (aka the XYZ browser).

#18 fixed idea: Split spectral/spatial options flip flip

I don't know if there's a good reason for these to be crammed in the same tool under separate tabs, other than "that's how it was in Vespa". Would the app benefit from splitting them into separate tool panes?

One immediate benefit is that there would be more room on both the spectral and spatial options panes because the tabs on the left would disappear.

#17 fixed Spectral/spatial processing options tool can't be re-opened after closing flip flip

The spectral/spatial processing options tool doesn't have a menu item and so once the user closes it there's no proper way to reopen it. It needs to be added to the menu.

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