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#25 wontfix might fail on 64-bit platforms flip flip
Description relies on struct which in turn relies on C's sizeof() to decide how big certain types are. In our world, floats are always 4 bytes, and so if Python's struct module ever decides that floats are 8 bytes (as seems likely under 64 bit), then our code that uses struct will break.

Currently only the function _decode_raw() is affected.

#24 fixed Menu accelerator for File/Exit is Ctrl + Q under GTK flip flip

Subject says it all. Ctrl+X would make more sense, or whatever is default under Gnome/GTK.

Ctrl Q makes sense under OS X, but there it's Cmd-Q anyway.

Under Windows, there is no accelerator.

#23 invalid Loading new data w/ECC turned on should prompt user for ECC reload flip flip

When loading a new data file while an ECC method is applied (i.e. ECC != None), what should happen? Our rule is that existing spectral processing options should be retained and applied to newly-loaded data, but that doesn't make sense with ECC. Why? Because each data file has a specific, corresponding ECC file and so retaining the ECC data when new data is loaded will almost always be the wrong thing to do.

One solution is that when a new data file is loaded and ECC != None, Analysis should prompt the user with a message like this --

"Analysis assumes that you want to discard your current ECC data. Do you also want to load a new ECC data file?

Click Yes to open a new ECC data file.

Click No to discard your existing ECC data.

Click Cancel to retain your existing ECC data. "

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