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#13 invalid Applying ECC results differ from Vespa flip flip

When I apply ECC, the spectral data changes a bit, but the changes in Vespa are more pronounced. Really can't nail this down without unit tests. I suspect a logic error but for all I can tell it could just be rounding errors multiplied by rounding errors.

#12 fixed Synchronization of processing options doesn't match Vespa flip flip

Vespa's behavior is summarized in SynchronizationOfProcessingOptions?. Pyvespa should match it; it does not.

#11 wontfix idea: get rid of the lock 1/2 option in processing mode flip flip

As detailed in SynchronizationOfProcessingOptions?, the lock 1/2 option governs only three of its sixteen siblings. This is unintuitive to me, although it probably would be less so to scientist. Nevertheless, I suspect some confusion arises over this in Vespa.

If we get rid of the lock 1/2 option, the disadvantage is that users will have to manually alter flip, chop and pivot for both spectra. The advantages are as follows --

  • A potential source of confusion would be removed
  • The screen would be slightly less cluttered
  • We would have less code to test & maintain
  • We would have one fewer feature to document
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
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