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#16 fixed spectral processing options zero fill multiplier should be a dropdown flip flip

After a discussion with Brian, we decided that the zero fill multiplier should be changed to a dropdown control. The only valid values are intergral powers of 2: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32. Trying to enforce that with a textbox + spin control is difficult for us and confusing for users. A dropdown showing the only valid values solves both of those problems.

#15 fixed default values of spectral processing options hardcoded in wxglade flip flip

The values that appear by default in the controls in the spectral processing options are hardcoded in the wxglade (.wxg) files. WxGlade generates .py files from the .wxg files and those .py files are the source for the values in our application, but the .wxg files are the true source.

This is bad for several reasons.

First, if anyone wants to change a value they have to do so in wxGlade and then regenerate the associated .py file. Needless to say, this requires that they have wxGlade installed in the first place.

Second, it means we can't define these values as constants anywhere since wxGlade doesn't know about our library of constants when it runs.

Third, we're developing a convention of specifying and documenting initial values in a .py file that we wrote (currently Regardless of what we set those values to, they get overwritten by the values in the wxGlade files.

Fourth, Brian has mentioned the idea of changing PyVespa to allow the user to have many data files loaded at once with just two visible in the processing mode. In that scenario, a user could load data file A, alter some spectral processing options, put A in the background while doing something else and then return to A. Obviously the controls would have to reflect the values that the user entered when initially futzing with A.

The solution is to subtract wxGlade from the equation. It should leave the controls empty, and we'll add a little code that executes when a new data file/object is loaded that populates the controls based on the values in the vespa_data object.

#14 invalid opening file from menu doesn't update filebar flip flip

When I open a file from the menu, the filebar should display the path of the loaded file. It doesn't.

This used to work because the processing view was given a handle to the filebar's textboxes and was expected to update them when a file was loaded. That kind of knowledge shared across objects is a little fragile.

A better way to do it would be with pub/sub and we might go that route for most/all of the properties on the processing view. If so, this bug will get fixed then.

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