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#29 invalid Analysis - has non-wxglade code in it bsoher bsoher

this is a temp fix for ticket #28, we just restored the file as it had been created by Jeff Steinberg. At some point this code needs to be moved into the file. But, because it is code for dynamically creating a grid, it may require complete restructuring of the code. Save this for a rainy day.

#21 fixed Analysis doesn't use standard spin controls flip

The spin controls we're currently using are a homegrown combination of a textbox and a spin button laid out in an unusual order (usually spin button, label, textbox). We're planning to switch to using standard spin controls. I'm creating this ticket to track those changes.

#22 invalid Analysis should remember the last file*type* that was loaded flip flip

Analysis currently remembers the last location from which a file was loaded, but it should also remember the file type, e.g. VASF versus DICOM.

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