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#29 invalid Analysis - has non-wxglade code in it bsoher bsoher

this is a temp fix for ticket #28, we just restored the file as it had been created by Jeff Steinberg. At some point this code needs to be moved into the file. But, because it is code for dynamically creating a grid, it may require complete restructuring of the code. Save this for a rainy day.

#1 fixed View menu options are out of synch with reality flip flip

Some of the view menu options (like white on black/black on white) are meant to stick to a given mode. THat is, if you set color to white on black in Processing mode, that setting should not carry over to Fitting mode.

That works correctly, but the menu items themselves don't follow suit. If I set the color to white on black in Processing, that menu item is correctly checked. But when I move to Fitting mode, the actual color switches back to black on white while the menu item still claims I'm looing at white on black.

#2 fixed View menu options are out of synch with defaults flip flip

This is a slightly different problem than the similarly-titled ticket. When PyVespa starts, some values are assigned a default that doesn't match the menu item status.

For instance, View/plot 3 function defaults to "residual 1 - 2" but the menu item defaults to None. As soon as the user selects an option, the menu item synchs up with the actual setting.

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