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#27 fixed Fitting mode "Save Presets" raises AttributeError bsoher flip

This is an easy one to recreate, and hopefully easy to fix.

1) Start Analysis 2) Switch to fitting mode (you don't need to open a file first) 3) On the Voigt fitting tool, click the "Save Preset" button. Analysis shows the File Save dialog. 4) Enter a filename. It's not important because the save will fail. Click OK/Save. 5) Boom!

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/Users/me/w/duke/src/vespa/analysis/src/", line 673, in onSavePreset
 File "/Users/me/w/duke/src/vespa/analysis/src/", line 2693, in set1_savepreset
   for j in range(fitt_data.fitt_nmmol):
AttributeError: 'MrsVoigt' object has no attribute 'fitt_nmmol'
#29 invalid Analysis - has non-wxglade code in it bsoher bsoher

this is a temp fix for ticket #28, we just restored the file as it had been created by Jeff Steinberg. At some point this code needs to be moved into the file. But, because it is code for dynamically creating a grid, it may require complete restructuring of the code. Save this for a rainy day.

#30 fixed Unused files related to preferences bsoher flip

Two files exist that were to be part of a preferences pane, but the idea stalled or was abandoned.

analysis/src/auto_gui/ exists but there's no corresponding .wxg file from which to create it.

analysis/src/ uses auto_gui/ but is itself never used.

The files should be deleted if we can't find the original .wxg file.

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