VeSPA - Versatile Simulation, Pulses, and Analysis

The free, open source Vespa suite contains four magnetic resonance (MR) spectroscopy software applications: RFPulse (for RF pulse design), Simulation (for spectral simulation), Priorset (for creating simulated MR spectroscopic data) and Analysis (for spectral data processing and analysis).

The main Vespa wiki is where you can learn more about Vespa and download the software and documentation.

You should also visit the individual applications' wikis –

Our contributions wiki hosts user-contributed pulse sequences, metabolites, and more.

You might also be interested in our sister project which is a reincarnation of the GAMMA library (by Dr. Scott Smith and others) featuring a new Python wrapper. There's more information here:

Vespa applications run separately but can communicate via a shared database of objects/results. One example of inter-application sharing might be for Simulation to make use of a pulse designed in RFPulse to create a more realistic MR simulation.

Three of these applications came from the port and extension of three existing tools. These are:

NIH grant number 1R01EB008387-01A1 funded the maintenance and extension of these separate applications into a combined environment based entirely on the Python language.